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Turku Vocational College Foundation (TAO, Turun Ammattiopistosäätiö) has been founded by painter master Samuel Koskinens legacy in 1929 by name Turun Ammattiopisto - Åbo Yrkesinstitut. After the names Turun maalariammattikoulu and Turun maalariammattioppilaitos has been returned to this present near original name. Samuel Koskinen Ida Koskinen

Turku Vocational College Foundation is a private school which during its whole history has educated painters and has during the years extended its educational supply to other handicraft professions; surface treaters, boat builders, upholsterers, floor coverers, interior decorators and at latest building tinsmiths.

There isn't any education in English language in Turku Vocational College Foundation. The presentation of the school in English consists of translations from Finnish and its main purpose is to be an information channel for the co-operation partners of the school.





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